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Thai Chicken Salad
Thai Chicken Salad
This wonderful medley of vegetables & chicken is good served with basmati, wild or brown rice. For a further fat loss option you can use Konjac noodles.

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  1. 400ml coconut milk
  2. Juice & rind of 2 limes
  3. 2 x 150g skinless chicken breasts
  4. 1/2 romaine lettuce
  5. 1/2 bulb of fennel
  6. 15cm cucumber
  7. 1 large tomato
  8. 1/2 red or yellow capsicum
  9. 2 spring onions
  10. Handful of fresh mint, roughly torn
  11. Small handful of peanuts
  1. Combine the coconut milk and the juice and rind of the limes in a saucepan. Add the chicken breasts. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and pouch the chicken gently for about 20 minutes. Remove them from the saucepan and leave to cool, then tear the chicken into large pieces.
  2. Cut the lettuce into wide ribbons. Halve, then thinly slice the fennel, discarding the touch inner core. Slice the cucumber. Cut the tomatoes into quarters. Remove the seeds from the capsicum and slice it thinly. Slice the spring onions.
  3. Combine the prepared salad vegetables with the chicken pieces in a large bowl. Add the mint leaves and scatter over the peanuts.
  1. Nutritional Analysis (per servings) (not including rice or noodles)
  2. Calories: 268 kcal
  3. Protein: 34g
  4. Carbs: 17g
  5. Fat: 7.5g
  6. Fibre: 3.1g
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